The non-commercial, public organization RIF CONSULTING is officially registered in the Republic of Moldova with the support of the Ministry of Justice, with a legal and actual address in Chisinau.

It all started with the realization of how many problems surround us in everyday life. From this formed the idea how to help the whole society and every person in particular.

The founder of the idea and simultaneously the acting director of the non-commercial organization RIF CONSULTING A.O. – Evghenii I., mentioned that in Moldova and in the whole world, not so many public organizations that are engaged in creating useful for society initiatives, conduct research and certainly implement them. Another idea is to advise and implement projects for individuals, legal entities, or government institutions, in the most sensitive sectors in which there is a need for participation: economics, information technology, accounting, marketing, management and law. These are the sectors in which our non-profit organization has the greatest experience, knowledge and vision of progress. With these words, and formed a non-profit organization called RIF CONSULTING. Almost all members of our non-profit organization have completed higher education in industries that directly coincide with the statutory goals of the organization, and some of our team are also in other associations, for example, the association of professional accountants and auditors of the Republic of Moldova.

Organization rights

  • to represent and protect their rights, to promote the protection of the legitimate interests of their members and other citizens at their request in state authorities and local self-government bodies, public associations;
  • participate in the organization and implementation of socio-economic, cultural and other programs;
  • to carry out public examination of draft laws, other legislative acts, projects and programs on issues related to the statutory activities of the Organization;
  • to initiate initiatives on various issues of public life and its components, to make proposals to legal entities, or to public authorities;
  • to establish on behalf of the Organization and award prizes, other incentives for special contribution to the implementation of the statutory goals of the Organization;
  • to hold seminars, conferences, symposiums, meetings on matters of statutory activity and others.




Continue the implementation of existing projects and programs


To create a number of funds of target capital focused on solving urgent social and economic problems


Implement a number of new programs aimed at developing citizens, increasing their literacy in the main areas of the organization


A nonprofit organization is also working on other projects. And they will be realized.
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