For a young person, working in a social organization is a job for your future. We are convinced that education and knowledge do not yet determine success in life. If a young man wants to achieve something, then he must participate in public life. Working as a volunteer in a public organization, a young person gets organizational skills, learns to write and implement projects, work with partners. If a young person has such skills, he gets unquestionable advantages in the eyes of the employer. Theoretical knowledge will never give such preparation.

+ To our Team

We see ourselves as a powerful movement, a team for the formation of an economically developed and socially-satisfied society, as well as a platform for the effective deployment of social programs, support of business and community initiatives in the statutory spheres of our organization.

The non-profit organization “RIF CONSULTING” is a real opportunity for every person to take an active part in the life and development of the surrounding reality.

Now in the whole world new mechanisms for the formation of a social, economic society are needed, dynamic development of tools for ensuring progress on the basis of constant renewal, the introduction of new effective rules and procedures, modernization of the most important aspects of life is necessary.

Join our movement and together we can realize our programs and projects and, of course, achieve concrete results!

Currently, the Organization is actively gaining momentum and is looking for new partners and like-minded people for effective implementation of the tasks outlined.

We are sure that in cooperation with you we will achieve real success for the benefit of Everyone!

We believe in the demand and realization of our ideas!