Illegal actions

Any unlawful actions are prosecuted by law and are considered in court.

Right of Ownership and Copyright

All intellectual property rights belong to RIF CONSULTING A.O.

Protection of information about the person concerned

We highly appreciate each interested person of our project and soberly understand all possible life situations, both positive and negative. In this regard, any personal information or identification data about the participant of our project will be hidden for security reasons. If a person wants to remain open to the public and wants to give public information about himself, we will gladly support him and realize this desire.

Commerce projects

Any commerce, realization of projects, ideas from RIF CONSULTING A.O. It is possible only after discussion and with the written permission of the organization.

Got a project from RIF CONSULTING?

Congratulations, you received the project from a nonprofit organization, our highly qualified team worked on your project, which later on behalf of RIF CONSULTING A.O. Notified you about the project, via email or physical letter to your official address.

RIF CONSULTING A.O. provides an opportunity for an exclusive project implementation within 30 calendar days. This means that after receiving the project in electronic form, or in a physical, 30 calendar days, the project will not be published either on the site, or on the official pages of the organization in social networks. In exceptional cases, RIF CONSULTING A.O. may extend the period of non-disclosure of the project for a certain period of time if it is notified in advance from the recipient of the project and it will be an indisputable necessity. If the recipient did not use the project and he was not interested in it, it could mean that other persons in the similar industry can be informed about and interested in this project. Since the main goal of creating our non-profit organization is to create and implement projects to improve the lives of everyone. However, changing all terms and rules, RIF CONSULTING A.O. reserves, unilaterally, the rights of creation and ownership of this intellectual property.