Who can create projects?

Anyone who has reached the age of 18 years, preferably having a professional education, or experience in this field, in which he wants to implement the project.

What documents are needed to join the Public Organization?

You will need a passport, an application, pay a bank transfer a membership fee, to the account of the organization and of course have a great desire to be useful to the community!

The ownership of projects

Each creator of the project is its author and gives its consent and the right to own and implement this project, the ideas behind the non-profit organization RIF CONSULTING A.O..

RIF CONSULTING A.O. It leaves the moment of completeness and subsequent actions of the project after its formation.

Illegal actions

Any unlawful actions are prosecuted by law and are considered in court.

Protection of team members

We highly appreciate each member of our team and soberly understand all possible life situations, both positive and negative. In this regard, any personal information, or identification data about the authors of our projects will be hidden for security reasons. If the author wants to be open to the public and wants to give public information about himself, we will gladly support him and realize this desire.