Project №1809/02.02 for АО “International Airport Sheremetyevo”

An additional project was developed for №1809/02 for АО “International Airport Sheremetyevo”, from RIF CONSULTING A.O., of an economic nature and with identification number №1809/02.02.

September 11, 2018 a registered letter has been sent to the legal address of the organization – Russia, Moscow Region, Khimki, ter.aeroport Sheremetyevo.

On the same day an electronic copy of the project was sent to the official email of the organization.


General information:

Project №1809/02 – Project №1809/02.02
Donation amount: 0.00$
Date: 11.09.2018
Address: Russia, Moscow Region, Khimki, ter.aeroport Sheremetyevo.


Project in electronic form, in PDF format:


Main project: Project №1809/02


Thank you for attention!

If you are not indifferent to this project and to our activity as a whole, you can always support us, morally, with pleasant words of gratitude and financially, to support the existence of the organization. Requisites.

Charity is a gift that you make to yourself.


In the protection of legislative acts and the support of mines. justice, the full or partial use of the intellectual property of the organization is allowed, only after the written consent of the organization – rif consulting a.o..
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Project №1809/02.02 for АО "International Airport Sheremetyevo"
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