Eleonora F.

Head volunteer


The main censor of the non-commercial organization “RIF CONSULTING” A.O.

Chief accountant by profession, entrepreneur, public figure, experience more than 6 years, graduated from the Economic Academy of the Republic of Moldova in the specialty: Accounting. She also graduated from the State University of the Republic of Moldova, specializing in Financial Expert and Audit. She has completed a course in professional development in the field of accounting in the Association of Professional Accountants and Auditors of the Republic of Moldova. Currently studying at ACCA, level F5 and specialties: Valuation of real estate at the Polytechnic University of the Republic of Moldova.

Finished projects that have improved the lives of others: 7

Guests invited to the team: 2

Organizations/Individuals. who said that I thank you for the projects: 18

Experience in volunteering: 6 years

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$ Donation made

02. Volunteer

People volunteered

03. Adopter

Children adopted